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Empower kids by showing them that they already have the tools they need to self-regulate and control their concentration.  Our instructional books use mindfulness techniques to teach emotional regulation and self-awareness to our youngest members of society.

All books and companion teaching guides are intended for use in schools, libraries, home-schools, parents, and caretakers working with preschool to lementary-aged children. 


All books and guides are edited for content by Jessica Poggioli, Psy. D.


"We are proud to announce the publication of BeetleDoo's first book: Breath Magic by Jordan P. Novak and Cody Rounds.


This book was created to empower young children by teaching them how they can take control of their emotions and bodies during challenging situations.

Breath Magic introduces children to their breathing and encourages them to change their breathing patterns as emotions and situations challenge them.
It includes highly imaginative illustrations by Jordan P. Novak."

 - Royal Fireworks Press


The teaching guide, written by Cody Rounds, helps parents, teachers, or other adults aid children in learning these skills. It offers an in-depth look at why and how these techniques work and when to use them in your daily flow. The guide includes application opportunities, breathing meditation scripts, discussion questions, and fun activities.

The Secret Code of Senses introduces children to the language of the senses and teaches them specific strategies to help them cope with sensations that are unpleasant or overpowering, causing stress or unhappiness. Children who learn these types of self-regulation techniques can use them to become happier and more mindful of both what is happening around them and what is going on within.

The teaching guide offers a deeper look at how and why these techniques work, when to use them, and how to best teach them for emotional-regulation and concentration control.  It includes discussion questions, project ideas, and application opportunities to further support student understanding of the material.

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